QPR Gatekeeper Training for Suicide Prevention:

A McHenry County Community Initiative

A McHenry County Community Initiative

This initiative is supported by: Our Community Volunteer Instructors and



Question, Persuade & Refer

Take Action to Make A Difference!

Each year an estimated 775,000 family members are impacted by the suicide attempt or death of a loved one. Countless others are concerned about friends. You can make a difference and possibly save a life.

In as little as one hour, individuals can learn to recognize the warning signs of suicide and how to apply three simple steps that may save a life. Presented by a certified instructor, each QPR training includes information on:

  • The problem of suicide nationally
  • Common myths and fact associated with suicide
  • Warning signs of suicide
  • Tips for asking the suicide question
  • Methods for persuading suicidal individuals to get help
  • Ways of referring at-risk people to local resources.

Each attendee will receive a QPR booklet and card with information on suicide prevention, as well as resource information for treatment providers and support groups within their community.


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